The Fantasy Gymnastics League (The F.G.L.)

Compete with gymnasts from around the world in the comfort of your own gym.

The F.G.L. is a dynamic, 12-week competition season.  All Junior Men’s Program levels and divisions, Junior F.I.G., Senior F.I.G. and Collegiate gymnasts can compete.  Week-long competitions allow athletes to collect and showcase stars, medals, shields and trophies in The F.G.L. Trophy Room.  Share videos and accomplishments with friends.  Become The F.G.L. Champion of the World.

The Best Judges

The best judges in the country will provide valid scores for ALL levels.  JMNAL (Junior Men’s National Apparatus Leaders) will be the head judge on each event. Scores will update throughout the week and The F.G.L. Trophy Room will be stocked by Tuesday morning.

F.G.L. 2021 Schedule

The F.G.L. 2021 season is January 4th – April 2nd.  Gymnasts are automatically entered into week-long competitions when videos are submitted.  Weekly competitions are Monday – Saturday.

Virtual Trophy Room

Earn stars, medals, trophies and shields in weekly competitions.  Each addition to The F.G.L. Trophy Room increases Power Points.  Become The F.G.L. Power Champion.

Unique Experience

The F.G.L. is a unique way of competing. Rather than a one-and-done meet, The F.G.L. is a dynamic, season-long competition. Chart your progress throughout the season.

Compete at the Gym

Athletes can upload six or more routines per week.  Videos can be recorded and submitted using a phone, mobile device or computer.  Coaches and athletes will decide if the routine is worthy of submission or try again.  Bring the competition to your workout.

Virtual Apparel Shop

Buy “Chalk” and use it to purchase extra routine videos, backgrounds, trophy upgrades, judge’s comments and discounts on The F.G.L. apparel.  If you look good, you play good.

Compete on All 6 Events

(FX, PH, SR, VT, PB, HB)

Battle Players from Any Level

Compete every week

Join the Competition

Registration begins 11/16/2020

Step 1: Coaches register into The F.G.L. and must be associated with a club.

Step 2: Individual athletes register under their club’s name.

Step 3: Coaches must verify their rosters before the season starts.

Step 4: Parents, athletes, or coaches submit a payment electronically to join a season.
A coach can make a purchase using their personal account and then assign the purchase to an athlete on their roster.

(*Age determination date is 5/31/2021)

Weekly League Access

From $300 12 Week Season
  •  12   Weeks: $300
  •  11   Weeks: $290
  •  10   Weeks: $280
  •    9   Weeks: $270
  •    8   Weeks: $260
  • 1-7   Weeks: $250

Elite Membership

$230 12 Week Season
*If the athlete scratches, they can not re-enter the current active season. Each week missed because of a scratch is credited $10 towards the next season.


We have you covered

Current Leader Scoreboard

See all the current leaders…

Coming This Season!

Join the competition. Be a champion!

How It Works

Athletes record their routines and submit six videos per week (Monday through Saturday) from their phone, tablet or computer.  Routines will be evaluated by The F.G.L. judging staff by Monday evening.  Scores will be updated to the Leader Board and virtual medals will be awarded in the Virtual Trophy Room on Tuesday mornings.  


The highest score achieved on each event will count towards the season long F.G.L. championship and will be visible on the Leader Board.  Routines associated with these videos will be visible for others to see and shareable to social media.  At the end of The F.G.L. season, athletes with the highest scores on each event and the All-Around will be crowned The F.G.L. Score Champions.


Each week an athlete submits videos, they are entered into a weekly competition that will add awards to their Virtual Trophy Room.  Each medal, star, shield and trophy acquired earns points.  Every point earned contributes to the gymnast’s power level.  At the end of the season athletes with the highest power ranking in each age group and level will be crowned The F.G.L. Power Level Champions. 

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