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A teaching, motivation, and recruitment tool for men’s and women’s gymnastics

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  • Safesport compliant website
  • Compete during practice and without travel
  • Valid scoring and feedback from National Judges
  • View routines, rankings, and statistics from around the country
  • Evaluation tool for Recreational programs and team selection

Gym Act on F.G.L.

Gym ACT uses The F.G.L. to recruit athletes and to select their All-Stars. Click here to see the scores

The FGL community is:

Gym Owners

  • Use your current Assessments with our Judges   
  • Standardize recreational evaluations and team invitations
  • Cost-Effective Competitions for All Levels
  • Price Reductions for larger video packages
  • SafeSport compliant video security Click Here


  • Bring competition-like focus and effort to workout
  • Eliminate travel cost and time
  • Submit videos and questions to National Judges
  • Use Analytics to guide program development
  • View Video Scoreboard for your team and from around the country
  • Compete on the same platform as GymAct


  • Automatic notifications with each video submission
  • Watch and track your child’s progress
  • Save travel time and costs, No Gas! 
  • Keeps the focus on athlete-centered motivation
  • Simplifies college recruiting


  • Compete during practice, at your home gym. No uniform is required!
  • Compile videos for recruiting and submit your best routines  
  • Improve scores using feedback from National Judges 
  • Follow and get noticed by GymACT/NCAA programs
  • Analyze your progress, study your competitors, and Establish Goals


  • All F.G.L. judges carry a National, Brevet or FIG Level certification.
  • MAG judges are current or former Junior National Apparatus Leaders.
  • WAG evaluations are provided by My Gym Judge.

Men's and Women’s Gymnastics

Men’s and women’s disciplines can safely complete and improve their skills while earning stars, medals, trophies, and shields.

Get better at competing…during practice.

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Typical Video Packages Include:

– 1 Routine Video: $9.00

– 10 Routine Videos: $7.15/video

– 25 Routine Videos: $6.42/video

– 55 Routine Videos: $5.78/video

– 100 Routine Videos: $5.30/video

– 250 Routine Videos: $4.57/video

– 500 Routine Videos: $4.01/video

– 750 Routine Videos: $3.68/video

– 1000 Routine Videos: $3.45/video

Click here for cost per routine based on your needs

Mens Gymnastics USAG

Men (USAG)

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Level 3 – Division 1
  • Level 4 – Division 1
  • Level 5 – Division 1
  • Level 6 – Division 1
  • Level 3 – Division 2
  • Level 4 – Division 2
  • Level 5 – Division 2
  • Level 6 – Division 2
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10
  • Jr. FIG
  • FIG
  • College

Mens Gymnastics NGA

Men (NGA)

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10

Womens Gymnastics USAG

Women (USAG)

  • Xcel Bronze
  • Xcel Silver
  • Xcel Gold
  • Xcel Platinum
  • Xcel Diamond
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10

Womens Gymnastics NGA

Women (NGA)

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Silver
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Gold
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Platinum
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Diamond
  • Level 9
  • Level 10


F.G.L. League Information

The F.G.L. Trophy Winner

How It Works

The F.G.L. is a gymnastics feedback tool that provides videos, scores, comments, and data to increase motivation and performance at all levels.

Register your coach/club and athletes for free. After registration, Coaches, Parents and Athletes must secure their connections by providing a triangulation of email consent. The email verification process keeps the website and video scoreboards private and secure to only the F.G.L. community.

Record and submit routines or sequences from your phone, tablet, or computer.  Videos will be evaluated by The F.G.L. approved judging staff year-round.  Accomplishments and milestones will be awarded stars, shields, trophies and medals in the Virtual Trophy Room. Use the Video Scoreboard to observe the competition, and compete against athletes across the country in The F.G.L. championship. Video Scoreboards will be visible to F.G.L. participants and shareable to social media.


Gym Owners: Use the F.G.L. as a valid and consistent method to assess your entire program. Evaluate all levels, from recreational to elite athletes and from all gym locations. Stop worrying about consistency, planning, staffing and cost of evaluation or assessment. Provide more opportunities for scores and feedback with less travel, cost and time. Motivate and evaluate your entire gym with one feedback tool.

Recreation/Class programs: Submit evaluations based on appropriate levels of NGA and USAG club rules to assess the progress of recreation and class athletes. This allows for a simple evaluation and transition throughout the entire gym program.

Competitive programs: Submit routines based on MAG or WAG, USAG or NGA, Excel, Club, or FIG rules.

GymACT: Athletes or coaches submit routines during designated times and compete to become GymACT All-Stars. Coaches use the video scoreboards to become familiar with the next group of recruits by viewing and filtering junior submissions.

Coaches: Ask questions of and receive scores and feedback from national judges. Submit routines performed during practice or competition. Compare athletes with others nationwide and make improvements based on feedback and data. Help with the college recruitment process by watching the Gym ACT programs and matching athletes’ routines with the expectations of college programs.

Parents: Receive notification upon submission and when scores, feedback, and comments are received. Watch your child’s progress and development. Encourage your child to view other athletes’ and college level routines and to talk with club coaches to better establish future goals and expectations.

Athletes: Submit only your best routines performed during competition or practice. Receive scores and feedback by the best judges. Watch submissions from other athletes and learn from your competitors. Improve your scores, performance and motivation. Fine tune your routines to match the needs of your favorite GymACT program. Earn trophies, medals, shields, F.G.L. Power Points, and more. Secure your spot in the F.G.L. Hall of Fame.

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